The project is ongoing.
The series was selected as one of the finalists of Encontros da Imagem's Discovery Awards 2022.
For more selected pictures from the series, visit my Glass.
Imagine leaving the house only ten times in a whole year. The author was left behind: sour but kind. “I Won’t Be Upset If You Forget Me” is a story about clinging to İstanbul — to survive and rediscover life.
Acıyı hisset, benimle dans et!* — From She Past Away's 2012 song Ritüel (Ritual).

Everything in this story takes place in an apartment in İstanbul.

The past is a strange place; we are dealing with a dark, distorted dream. It's 2019. The author seeks melancholic moments; serene, dreary, and sometimes chilling — often restless, but also loving. But also, the body of work documents nothing.

In this universe, nothing happens. Because we are in a room; in fact, we have been here for the past twelve months. A deep depression: the outside life becomes inside, photographs that were taken in those rare outings become life itself.

Now, the city is the room. We are following a sequence. The author's symbiotic but also ambivalent relationship with the city is apparent. But who is being forgotten here; the photographer, or the city? Who is uttering these words?

We are left with a guess. The author must be going somewhere: perhaps, leaving the room. It's 2021.
* Feel the pain, dance with me!
December 2021