In collaboration with Ait İstanbul.
Interviews and text by Eylül Günaydınlar.
It’s always been assumed that no one can be from İstanbul.

“But where are you really from?” is a question often asked upon hearing these words: “I’m from İstanbul.” Because the city is where people come to work or study, and leave behind during holidays. There’s always another home, a “real” one.

Can İstanbul even be a home, or where are the “true” Istanbulites? The series turns its lens and voice recorder to tradespeople of Beyoğlu. Some of them are the “real deal”, some of them are old enough to remember the original “owners” of the city. Another story? Perhaps.

The pair documents a rare specimen, an unexpected combination of time and human comes together: being an Istanbulite — an identity long forgotten.
December 2021