My Most Productive Year

December 11, 2021

Some of my favourite vertical shots from 2021.

2017: The year I made my first story (How Long Is Your Stay), published Fabric, and started working on Will the World End in the Daytime, and countless other small stories that I shot for my then-agency... Up until 2020, it had been my absolute most productive year.

Then, when the pandemic hit, something changed: I started working like a mad man. How to Panic Gracefully was kind of like my come-back to productivity. Then I went onto start shooting  Dark Blue Doors And Good Intentions, and Eminönü Blues (which got shortlisted in the 212 Photography İstanbul’s competition).

I didn’t stop there: my new-found love for the street photography approach gave me You Owe Me Another Life. I shot that story in two weeks.

I will say this outright: I am proud of myself. I bounced back big time after the rather uneventful months of 2018; also, 2019 was an important year: I started shooting what will be my first photobook, Unutursan Darılmam (hopefully, some time in 2022).

2021 has been my productive year as a photographer, and I can not express how happy this makes me. I selected my favourite vertical shots from this year for this post, mainly because before 2021, I would extremely rarely utilise vertical frames; I’m changing, so is my photography, and that’s fantastic!

I had the chance to reach so many people in 2021, tell my stories to them, and talk their ears off about my process. All of which I’m extremely grateful for. Have I been giving myself a pat on the back in this whole blog post? Yes, of course, I think I deserve it!

Here’s to many more years of telling stories!