Minimalism Begins at Home

November 28, 2021

My photo-editing corner on my desk.

I don't quite know how it all started, it happened so quickly. One day in the early 2019, I got tired of macOS and the concept of a laptop; it was too much for what I used it for and not responsive enough. So, I put it in my mind to completely switch to a more minimalist setup.

Then I actually did it: I sold my MacBook Pro and I acquired an iPad Pro. You see, it wasn't enough; it was still too cumbersome, not quite mobile, either. It was this huge screen that I had a hard time handling. I returned it and bought what would become my default computer: iPad mini 5.

This is my entire computer. When I go out, I put my iPad, stylus (not an Apple Pencil, a dumb stylus that you don't need to charge and it does what I want), SD card adapter, and keyboard (Logitech K380) in my Moleskine shoulder bag; and I hang my Fujifilm X100F around my neck. I'm good to go. The entire setup (that enables me to edit and publish, either for print or the web) weighs 1.2kg.

Adobe Lightroom for iPad is extremely powerful. I have my own preset that I've been tweaking since 2016, all my pictures are automatically imported with it applied. I never even see what my raw files look like; I usually touch up white balance and contrast and my pictures are mostly ready to go. Also, Adobe Lightroom for iPad automatically backs up my files to the cloud; I've got the 1TB plan.

Well, I cheat: I do have a computer. A Windows laptop from 2015 that was bought for the sole purpose of playing Left 4 Dead 2. It runs Adobe Lightroom (not the Classic version, the modern one) pretty well actually. I use this computer to do these three things: using Discord, web browsing, and backing up my photographs onto my SSD. I never edit pictures on it because the screen interprets my colours like a dog who has never seen colours.

All those pictures you see on my web presence or elsewhere? They were all shot with a point-and-shoot camera (I used to have a Fujifilm X70 but I dropped it, so I had to get a second-hand Fujifilm X100F) and edited on a miniature iPad.

And here is my upgrade path: iPad mini 6 and Fujifilm X100V, probably in two or so years.