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Eminönü Blues
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How Long Is Your Stay

Eminönü Blues

Eminönü Hüznü
2020 — 2021

"Eminönü Blues" (Eminönü Hüznü) is a photo-series about the historical Eminönü district of İstanbul.

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Project Statement

— Where are you from?
— I'm from İstanbul.
— No one is from İstanbul.
— Well, I am.

A dialogue that has been repeated by the author of these photographs since forever.

Where is İstanbul?

When you Google it, a peculiar thing happens: you are taken to Eminönü. Is it really the centre of a city that has seemingly infinite amount of people and untamed space? Who knows.

The author follows this information, turns his lens to the fabric of "İstanbul", attempting to understand what makes it the way it is. A series of harmonious disasters.

He works with the mundane to create something worth remembering; reducing the frame to reach the essence.

And he does remember: he spent his early childhood in this place, because his father worked in Çemberlitaş.

Enchanted memories of the past are now the sour reality of the city.

Eminönü Blues: a failed nostalgia.

p.s. I will let you in on a secret: "Istanbul" is not a word, it's İstanbul.

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